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Sep 9, 2014

Thank You guys!

In response to your mails and comments and general interest I wanted to say THANK YOU! It's amazing to be appreciated and I love to hear that You like my work and You want to see more. I'm inspired now to make more interesting projects. I'm thinking now about a special project for Halloween, I think You will not be desapointed :)

You also write to ask about patterns that are not yet available like taz booties, cheshire cat ( I love him too he is so creepy-cute) or chicken egg cozies. I made them without wroting the pattern down, but it is so nice to hear that You are interested in making them and I am adding them to my TO DO list and I will make them again.
To sum up I need some time, but I promise I will wrote the patterns for YOU! Visit my blog again in some time you are always welcome.

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