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Sep 20, 2014

Halloween Coasters - Vampire

Halloween Coasters Pattern - Vampire. I decided to make my vampire blue in a bit oldish style. But If You like Your vampire to be more human like :) make him in beige or green or whatever color You like. Be creative with the pattern if You like or make it exactly like mine. Enjoy!


  • blue, white, black yarn ( I use the yarn which gauge is 24.0 to 30.0 sts = 4 inches )
  • a bit of white material for eyes.

Coaster Base Pattern and Smile Pattern:


Ear - make 2

blue yarn

R1: 6 sc in MR (6)

R2: inc 5, 4 ch, ss in 2-nd ch from hook, sc in 3-rd, dc in 4-th, ss in 2-nd ch on a circle

Eye - make 2

black yarn

R1: 6 sc in MR, ss in first sc you made to fasten the circle (6) FO


black yarn

R1: 25 ch (25)

R2: ss in 2-nd ch, ss 2, sc 18, ss 3 (24)

R3: ss in 2-nd, ss 2, dec 2, sc, dc, dc, ch 2, ss in 2-nd ch, sc 2 in red dc, ss, sc 2, ss, dec 2, ss 4
Below You can see all of the vampire parts.

Start by cutting small dots from white material and sewing them to the eyes. Sew mouth, then eyes and hair. Remember to sew ears a little lower than eyes.

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