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Nov 13, 2014

Big Hero 6 - Baymax free pattern

I looooove Disney movies - all of them, probably every single one and now that my son is old enough (1,5y) I have an excuse to watch them from the beginning once more :) YAY!!! I'm trying to avoid to much television so we are not watching every day but I can definitely say that the favorite one for now is "Where is NEMO?" but from what I have heard it's not uncommon.

Anyway it's always so nice to watch something new I especially love the ones with a new concept. Since I have watched the trailer of the new movie BIG HERO 6 I knew immediately I would like the movie very much, but the most importantly that I'm in love with Baymax.

The  world premiere of the movie was 7.11.2014, but as always, in Poland the movie will be released 28.11.2014 because of the Polish dubbing they need to record. ( For those who doesn't know we have amazing dubbing for animated movies, sometimes even better than the actual text. SERIOUSLY ).

If You don'tknow the movie yet, watch the trailer:

So I didn't see the whole movie yet but I already made the little Baymax for my desk and I would like to share the pattern with You. As always I hope You will make more cute Baymax's and I would love to see the photos when You finish. You can always send photos to me by email or share it via google+ or post it on ravelry or do all of the above. 

Designing the character:

Back to crochet pattern. First step for me is always designing the character on paper. Below You can see the first project. I always try to make my characters the size I designed on paper, but they are always a bit bigger. Also below You can see the drawing that inspired me. I loved the little red heart  on otherwise one colored character. I also wanted to incorporate the lines to my crochet character, so I decided to sew them with thick, grey embroidery floss.


When You have the concept of the character ready You have to collect the materials. Below is the list of items I used

  • white yarn ( I use the yarn which gauge is 24.0 to 30.0 sts = 4 inches )
  • hook 4 mm
  • black and red sheet of foam (mine is 1 mm thick) for eyes and red heart. If You don't have foam do't worry You can easly use little scrap of material or even embroider with thread. It's really up to You
  • hot glue gun - If Yu are using foam like I did
  • cotton or something else You will use as filament
  • grey embroidery floss 


I always start my crocheting in one of two ways: Making the head or making the body. I would recommend You the same way, it's easier to control sizes of each parts and proportions of the whole work. Even If You are exactly following the pattern It's not uncommon for the pattern author to make mistakes (sorry :P) and You will be able to notice right away.

Belly - make 1:

white yarn

R1: 6 sc in MR (6)

R2: inc around (12)

R3: * sc, inc* X6 (18)

R4: * sc 2, inc* X6 (24)

R5: * sc 3, inc* X6 (30)

R6: sc around (30)

R7: * sc 2, inc * around (40)

R8: sc around (40)

R9: * sc 3, inc* around (50)

R10-R11: sc around (50)

R12: * sc 3, dec * around (40)

R13-R14: sc around (40)

R15: * sc 3, dec* X8 (32)

R16-R18: sc around

R19: * sc 2, dec* X8 ( 24)

R20-R21: sc around (24)

R22: * sc 6, dec * X3 (21) FO

Leg - make 2

white yarn

R1: 6 sc in MR

R2: inc around (12)

R3: BLO sc around (12)

in R3 make sc in BACK LOOPS ONLY, this way You will make the clear edge of the leg like on the 1-st picture on the right.
To make the edge even better You can try to crochet the last sc through the last sc from round 2. This way the edge will start and end in the same place.

R4: sc around (12)

R5: * sc 3, inc* X3 (15)

R6: sc around (15)

R7: * sc 4, inc *X3 (18)

R8: sc around (18)

R9: * sc 2, inc* X5 (24)

R10: dec 3, ss FO

Remember that the little part from R10  is the bottom of the leg,  in other words it is the side of the leg which will lie on the floor.

Head was actually very hard to make. I wanted to create the shape of american football ball with much more round sides. I have to confess I tried and ripped the work several times. Finally I got the pattern but I'm not 100% happy with the effect ( only 89% :) When following the pattern for the head I would strongly recommend to use the marker for start of the round to control the number of sc in each row. As You can see on the pictures I use a little piece of different colored yarn as my "first stich in a row marker".

Head - make 1

white yarn

R1: 12 sc in MR (12)

R2: *sc 3, inc 3* X2 (18)

R3:  sc 4, inc 3, sc 6, inc 3, sc 2 (24)

R4: sc 5, inc 4, sc 8, inc 4, sc 3 (32)

R5: sc 9, inc 2, sc 14, inc 2, sc 5 (36)

R6- R8: sc around (36)

R9: sc 8, dec 2, sc 14, dec 2, sc 6 (32)

R10: sc 5, dec 4, sc 8, dec 4, sc 3 ( 24)

R11: sc 4, dec 3, sc 6, dec 3, sc 2 ( 18)

R12: sc 3, dec 3, sc 3, dec 3 (12) FO

For those who have a problem with the head I made this little diagram,maybe it will be clearer when You see the drawing. It contains first four rounds, but I think when You will start properly the next round will be easy:

Hand - make 2

white yarn

R1: 6 sc in MR (6)

R2: inc around (12)

R3: sc around (12)

R4: * sc, inc* X6 (18)

R5: *sc 2, inc* X6 (24)

R6- R7: sc around (24)

R8: * sc 2, dec* X6 (18)

R9-R11: sc around (18)

R12: * sc, dec *X6 (12)

R13- R16: sc around (12)

Here will be a good place to stuff the hand. I didn't do it with the first hand and believe me it was harder. So I would recommend to not stuff to firmly, actually stuff only the bottom of the hand leaving the arm empty. Please see the picture on the right for some reference.

R17: dec around (6)

R18: sc 5, ss (6) FO

Now that all Baymax parts are ready let's stuff and dacorate them properly. I will present the steps as I was following them. The sequence is dictated by me personal preference and You are welcome to change it If You like :)

Take grey embroidery floss and make circles on Baymax's feet.  See the picture for reference.

Here You can see the finished legs, ready to sew.

Stuff the body very firmly. You wan't the body to look chubby and from the practical view You want it to be stable enough to maintain the stable position.

Sew legs to the body. Remember witch part of the leg should ley on the ground (the part where You finished You can see it is shaped a bit differently)

He is starting to look cute at this point :D

Take grey embroidery floss and make two big circles on arms like You would like to mark the place where elbows should be.

To mae it a bit easier before embroidering You can mark the exact shape with pencil or black pen like me ( You can't see it anyway).

Sew arms to the body. My arms are sewn in the exact middle of Baymax but are directed towards the rear. Remember they should touch the ground a bit so that the figure is stable.

Another photo for refence on how to sew the arms

Take the sheet of red foam and cut little red heart You will glue to Baymax with hot glue gun.As I wrote before You can also cut it from material and sew. Or embroider it. It is really up to You and Your creativity.

The next step is embroidering lines on the body. First is the little line and circle around the heart. Second is straight line around body.You can see on the picture on the right I marked the lines I wanted to embroider.

Stuff and form the head now.  With grey floss make circles (more like ovals) on sides of the head.

 Cut black eyes from sheet of foam. Remember to make black line connecting the eyes. And last but not least sew the head to the body.

Ufff... We are finished It took a lot of time and place to wrote the pattern, but the making of little Baymax figurine was actually not that time consuming. Finished piece is actually about 11 cm or as You prefer 4,5 Feet.  When my husband first saw the finished toy he said: I was expecting he will be bigger" with a sad voice. I asked him What did he mean, and he said He wanted me to make life-size Baymax. So If I'm not here in a year or two please now I'm making life-size puppet to make my husband happy :)

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