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Sep 30, 2016

F.L.Y. - cat toy

FLY crochet cat toy free pattern by Krawka

F.L.Y. the cat toy was a gift I made for a little kitten that my friend recently adopted from a shelter. From what I know it's one of hers (cat's) favorite toys ever since. I tried to make a picture, but it was almost impossible when she jumped and moved like crazy :) But that was the point, right :) ?

The most wonderful thing about this project is that it's fast and simple, if the old toy will end up shredded to pieces (and it probably will) you can make another one in half an hour.

You can download the PDF with the pattern here:

Sep 26, 2016

Pink Fluffy Unicorn :)

Krawka: Pink Fluffy Unicorn crochet pattern by Krawka

Krawka: Pink Fluffy Unicorn crochet pattern by Krawka

Fluffy Unicorn pattern is now in my shop. For all those who love unicorns and pink and rainbows ( and also for those who hate those things :)

Crochet unicorn, when finished, is 29 cm (11.4 inches) up to the end of his magical horn.

During making this project whole time in my head I hear the "pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows" song :) I can't help it, even now.

Sep 19, 2016


Krawka: PUG crochet pattern:

The PUG - I can't stop smiling when I look at him, he is so incredibly cheerful :)
The PUG pattern is now available in my shop here.

Sep 5, 2016

New STAR WARS pattern - AT-AT walker

There is a new STAR WARS pattern in my shop and it's a good one :)

Crochet AT, when finished, is 26 cm tall (10.2 inches), 28 cm long (11 inches). He is one of the biggest toys I have ever made and one of my favorites -  I love him! I hope you will too.

May the force be with you!