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Sep 18, 2014

Halloween Project sneak peek 2

Halloween Coasters are here! I think they will be a wonderful table decoration for everyone who like their Halloween to be a little creepy and much more cute. I hope You like them. Until now I made seven of them:

  • Ghost
  • Spirit
  • Vampire
  • Frankenstein
  • Witch
  • Black Cat
  • Orange Cat

but I can't say I won't make more. I love projects that have the same base. I can make bases while watching my son, it is easier to watch out for one hook and one yarn than a whole bunch of potentially dangerous accessories and bunch of parts like hands, eyes, etc.
So I have other ideas for coasters like werewolf or pumpkin, maybe You have some suggestions?

Starting today I am collecting pictures, rewriting patterns and making posts about each of those coasters starting with the base and smile pattern which is cohesive in all coasters.

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