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Sep 20, 2014

Halloween Coasters - Black cat

Halloween Coasters Pattern - Black Cat. You can't have Halloween without black cat! So stop whatever You are doing right now and make a cat! I'm serious YOU HAVE TO! :)
P.S I' m not really the best descriptions writer so my text's are getting dumber and dumber... So Sorry about that.


  • blach, yellow, pinkish yarn ( I use the yarn which gauge is 24.0 to 30.0 sts = 4 inches )
  • a bit of white material for light reflections in the eyes.

Coaster Base Pattern and Smile Pattern:


Eyes - make 2

yellow yarn

R1: 6 sc in MR, ss in 1-st sc FO

Cut small dots from white material and sew them as little light reflections.


pink yarn

R1: 5 ch (5)

R2: TURN ss in 2-nd ch, ss 3 (4)

R3: TURN: ss in 2-nd, hdc FO

Furry chick - smaller one - make 2

black yarn

R1: 6 ch (6)

R2: ss in 2-nd ch, ss, sc, hdc, dc (5)

Furry chick - bigger one - make 2

black yarn

R1: 8 ch (8)

R2: ss in 2-nd ch, ss, sc 3, dc 2 (7)

R3: TURN 2 ch, dc, hdc, sc,ss FO

Ear - make 2

pink yarn

R1: 7 ch (7)

R2: ss in 2-nd ch, sc 2, hdc, dc 2 ( 6)

R3: TURN 3 ch, tr in same as 3 ch, dc, hdc, sc, ss FO pink yarn

With black yarn make sc around each ear creating the outline. 

In the picture below You can see all the cat parts:
PS. Can anyone please tell me should I write "on the picture" or "in the picture" :)?

I sew smile and eyes first, then chicks. I ended up sewing the bigger one higher and smaller one lower, but it's really your choice.

I think the cat is the ugliest of my coasters collection, which (as always) means I like him the most :) I don't know if it is showing on the pictures, but he have a kind of creepy charm like the Cheshire Cat.

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