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Jul 23, 2014

Egg Cozies Easter Project - Base pattern for cozies - FREE

Zestawienie szydełkowych ocieplaczy na jajka, kurki, króliki, kurczaki. Amigurumi egg warmers for easter gifts:crochet chickens,crochet rabbits

 A simple idea for Easter gifts for family and friends - egg warmers :) or as You prefer Egg Cozies
Easter is such a wonderful time. I love this Christmas especially because of  color and flowers and warmth - well that isn't so sure actually two years ago we had snow on Easter, my godson was building snow rabbits in the garden :D. But what I like about Easter most of all is all the arts and crafts that comes with it.

Since I remember we were painting Easter eggs, for almost 10 years now me and my husband are competing whose eggs will be the best. I need to say my always won cause they were much more commercially friendly for the whole family to vote :) They were filled with cute chickens and bunny's while my husband painted hell hounds and crazy rabbits and whatever his crazy imagination told him. I actually always like his creations most and it actually tough me to think both:inside and outside the box :) In other words to make simple-obvious projects and creative-crazy too.

So beside the egg painting I was also trying to figure out other Easter projects that would give vent to my creativity and christmas spirit. That's how the egg cozies project was created. I wanted to decorate eggs in some other way than painting. Firstly I was going to make one pair of cozies for my table but I couldn't decide what to make I especially wanted to make Mickey and Minnie pair but I new it wasn't very Easter-y so I ended up making a bunch of cozies for my friends and family. I made sheeps, chickens a lot of rabbits, zombie sheep and rabbit :D

It's all based on one cozies crochet base (pattern below), which is very easy to make. I suppose there can be some differences in egg sizes (mine were quite big :) so when You will be making Yours please remember to try them on before making a lot of them.

If You like make Your own cozies with my base pattern or use ones I already made I wrote down the patterns:




Mickey & Minnie

and lastly SuperRabbit and Rabbitman they are a little differently made but are very very cute. I couldn't give them to anyone and I had to keep them :)

I also wanted to add that this is such an easy project I recommend it to anyone who is learning to crochet, especially easy are flowers. Enjoy the free pattern and please don't forget to send me photos of Your creations.
And Happy Easter (if it's actually Easter when You are reading this:)


  •  yarn of the desired color  ( I use the yarn which gauge is 24.0 to 30.0 sts = 4 inches )
  • 3 mm hook


R1: 6 sc in MR (6)

R2: inc around (12)

R3: * sc 1, inc * X6 (18)

R4: * sc 2, inc * X6 (24)

R5, R6, R7: sc around (24)

R8: * sc 5, inc * X4 (28)

R9: sc around

R10: * sc 13, inc * X2 (30)

R11: sc around

R12: * sc 4, inc * X6 (36)

R13 - R15: sc around (36)

R16: sc around FO (36)

Ready! Once we have the base it is only a matter of imagination what You can make with it. I started from the chickens and rabbits and sheep (the usual stuff) and then I made crazier projects like zombie sheep and zombie rabbit and superheroes.

Bazowy element ocieplaczy na jajka, zrobiony na szydełku techniką amigurumi, Basic egg warmer crochet.

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