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Nov 21, 2014

I AM GROOT... AGAIN - custom order

Dancing Baby GROOT in pot Crochet Pattern by Krawka

I just finished another potted baby GROOT for a custom order.

If You would like to know more about custom orders write me an email or fill the "contact me" form on the right.

If You would like to make Your own GROOT following my free pattern see the link:

But that's not what I wanted to write about. I wanted to make a review of my own pattern and I would title it: Following someone else's pattern ( or the pattern You made some time ago and don't remember much) is HARD. I will make alterations in the pattern as soon as possible, in my opinion there are some parts of it that are unclear or should receive more pictures or picture from another side so one.... But please remember that I'm only human (or maybe not TAM TAM TAM...ominous music) and I can't find every bug in patterns. If You are following any of my patterns and have suggestions what is wrong or what could be made better, please don't be afraid to say so :)

Let me start by saying what I changed making it for the second time:

1. The pot -  actually the first one was much more fancy, the one now is very simple and classy. I think it's the matter of personal taste.

2. Hands length - It depends on the wire You will make. It doesn't really matter that much.

3. Reflections in the eyes - It's actually my husbands strong suggestion to make both reflections on the same side of the eye. I was making them on opposite sites without thinking about realism :) But he is saying he is always thinking about it when looking at his Groot.

Except for this changes I was trying to make exactly the same GROOT as last time without correcting or changing anything.
First thing which is not a problem for me but many of You is asking about it is the language of the pattern. I wrote every instruction in Polish and then made a translation i brackets so it's:

Doszyj brwi nad oczami.
(Sew eyebrows above the eyes.)

My newer posts are all written in English, it's more versatile this way, but it's hard for me to erase polish version from the old ones cause it's already written and I have spend so much time on writing them... ( You should now I am not humanist and It's hard to write anything :) But I promise I will make a compromise and change the posts so that the first version of the sentence will be in english with polish translations in brackets and in a different color so that it's automatically clear for each side what to read and what not.

The pattern is starting with head witch is the most hard of the whole thing. I need to say I was a bit lost with the instruction:

R13: dc 2, ss, 5 ch, 3 dc in chain, ss in 2-nd, 4 ch, dc 2 in chain, sc, ss, dc 2, ss, 4 ch, 2 dc in chain, ss in 2-nd, 5 ch, 3 dc in chain, sc 5, ss,

It's so unclear: 5 ch, 3 dc in chain, ss in 2-nd ?? I remembered what I was trying to deliver by this line but I am the one who was writing it. So what should You say?! Well as I was saying You should write to me or in comments if You think something is wrong or unclear for You.

The last thing I noticed is that a few minor steps are missing like sewing the white reflections in the eyes. The reason it's missing is probably associated with the sequence. It's really hard for me to sort the order in which I am making something. Sometimes I am making all the parts and sewing them in the end - that's the easy option. But there are projects in which You are making the head, starting the body but thinking You need to make the hand first so that the proportions would be good, than sawing, than finishing the body, than adding something to the head....... I think You get what am I trying to present. In this case it's so chaotic I'm trying to arrange the pattern properly. Bu

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