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Nov 17, 2014

10 Extremely creative crochet toys for babies - every pattern is free

Since my son was born ( I probably need to explain he is my first baby) I am spending almost every hour of every day with him. Reading books to him, learning him new things and of course playing with him. There are on this world some amazing toys which both child and adult can play every day (few times a day) without getting bored like block-s ( I can't wait for more complicated ones) and puzzles ( read the previous bracket :) or find and seek books ( did You try some OMG they are great and pretty hard some of them ( I do have this one in polish but I think it's similar to this one. I recommend them to any parent )

What was I..? :) Yes, there are great and creative toys but most of them become boring after one day from buying them. In a perfect world I would buy my son new toys every single day or few every day this way he would be sooo happy (and spoiled) and I would get some quiet time for my hot beverage. Well that's not an option for now.

Second idea which I've got from more experienced parents is hide some toys for a week than pull them out gradually every day. This way the toy is just like new for your baby and You will get 10 to 15 minutes for Your hot beverage. Yay!
(This is actually a good advice consider it )

Last idea is somewhere in between previous two. What could it be? What could it be? Well You probably know my blog theme and You might have read the post title, so I won't keep the suspense any longer..... maybe a bit longer...... You can crochet toys. And if Your kid would get bored or too old for some of them You can rip them and make something else. Plus You get to crochet! Isn't it the most important!

So I decided to share with You my own list of free patterns for creative crochet toys that You have to make to Your baby. I know I will.

1. Baby mobile by Amigurumi Askina

Crochet baby mobile is such a wonderful idea or so many reasons. First is that You can make any toys You want on the ends of the strings. You can adjust it to Your baby room both by color and theme for example on my strings You would see pirate-pandas and pirate-monkeys but You are free to make whatever You like :) Another reason is that You can make a lot of sets and change it once a week. You can actually watch Your baby preferences If he/she likes all the same color or different, same shape or not, He/She prefers red or maybe white...

One option Your mobile won't have compared to bought in shop ones is  the music. But to comfort You, most of the mobile musics are sooo annoying. And If You are still not convinced You can always buy one and make one and have both!

So the pattern is for a mobile with planes and clouds it's actually very cute and simple. Follow the link under the picture to see the pattern.
From what I can get:
X is single crochet
V is increase
A is decrease
I know the pattern is not so easy to read but with the explanations above and enough perseverance I know You will make beautiful baby mobile.

2. LOOP by Amy Herbst

Simple but brilliant toy I guarantee any newborn will love I think It's also so good-looking. I love the simple design and simple design means it's easy to make, author of the pattern even say it's super-easy to make.

Like in the previous example You can make your own version or versions with different colors.

There is something You need to know especially If You are making LOOP as a gift and You don't have little babies yourself. I am more than absolutely sure that this loop is going to end up in mouth. So please remember to launder yarn.

Follow the link below the picture to see the pattern. It's actually very easy to follow plus You have a few photos which also help.

3. Sock Monkey Finger Puppet

Finger puppets - who doesn't like them. I actually think It would be best to make the whole set, maybe I will wrote pattern for some set, what would You like to see as set? Animals? Pirates?

But for now we have free pattern for a lovely monkey finger puppet. It's a very short pattern It fits on my screen without scrolling. So it's this kind of toy You are probably making in a few minutes. Your kid says: Mommy I am bored, You reply: Ok, baby wait a few minutes, and than You return with sock monkey finger puppet. And You become a hero- SUPERMOM :D

Follow the link below the picture to see the very short but very nice pattern for monkey.

4. Crocheted fox finger puppet

Finger puppets on a whole new level :) I loved this little fox from the moment I saw it. It's so extremely creative and cute. I can already see my son playing with it.
It's actually the first project I am going to make as soon as I finish this post.

Pattern is easy and clear. See the pattern by clicking the link below the fox photo ( He's name is actually Foxy Loxy - is it a girls nickname cause I can't imagine him as a she...)
When You will follow the link don't miss the Fun Facts about crochet on the bottom, right before the comments. One of them:

Due to the mathematical structure of crochet, it has often been used as a tool by some mathematicians to explain complex theories to students.

You see how smart we are that we can understand it :P

5. Dino- Hand Puppet

No it's time for a little self advertisement :) Right after finger puppets there is a time for hand puppet. This is one of the toys I really think You can make better than the ones that are sold in shops. You can go crazy with colors and shapes and as always You can make exactly the character You want.

I propose dino-character. My son loves him, he was on a vacation in dino-park with us and he actually taught my son to show his tongue :) It really is fun to play with puppets and I think when Your child is older he or she can make performances which stimulates creativity.

About the pattern I wrote it some time ago and it's written in two languages in Polish and English at the same time. Abbreviations stay the same but instructions are written in polish and then in English in brackets. So please follow the instructions in brackets or start to learn polish I would be more than happy to help :)

Kukiełka na ręke wykonana na szydełku granatowy dinozaur z dużymi zębami, językiem i czarnym gardłem. Hand made puppet crocheted in shepe of dinosaur. Crochet dino, amigurumi hand puppet

6. Weight set for toddlers

I already wrote there is something I am going to make first after this post, well those are the second in queue. I am already imagining my son with them. The first sentence on the pattern page is:

If You have ever had children, You will understand why I crocheted this weight set.

I understand :) And I love picture of the author's daughter demonstrating usage of weight set. LOVELY!

Pattern is very clearly written, so be sure to follow it by clicking the link below the photo.

Weight Set for Toddlers

7. Crochet food

Fruits, vegetables, pastries, junk food and specialties. Whole set of crochet food. It looks wonderfully yummy. Especially those hot-dogs and hamburgers so maybe start making set with fruits and vegetables just to be 100% sure Your kid will play with it and not eat it :)

I think all the kids especially younger ones love toys with lots of elements I know my son do. So it's a wonderful idea to make whole lot of fruits and pastries to play with. Very creative toy for little chefs.

I need to tell You the pattern is written in french. I translated it but it to both Polish and English and it was very hard to follow. The author claims she will translate the pattern soon. I am waiting with my fingers crossed! In the meantime You can try to make Your own crochet food or try to follow the french patterns by clicking the link below this lovely and colorful picture.

8. Stethoscope...

.... or a pair of "doctors" as pattern's author daughter is calling them :) In the previous  point was a proposition for adolescent cooks and now let's make some doctors with these stethoscope pattern. 

Pattern is easy and simple. All the parts of the stethoscope are glued together but I think It doesn't really matter if You glue or tightly sew them. Follow the link to see the pattern.


9. Crochet tools set by Tanya Eberhardt

Such  simple idea for a wonderful and creative toy. So we have already had cooks and doctors and now it's time for carpenters or robot-makers as my son will be. Why the robot maker? After my baby-daddy he is now having a new hobby - building robots - quadrocopter for now to be exact and my son is craaaaazy about his tools and workspace. For a long time my husband couldn't change his shoes after coming from work without being pulled to his desk where they would both sit with their screwdrivers :) My husband gave him his own screwdriver only very little one and he was screwing one and only screw over and over, than he tried to get back this screwdriver but it wasn't so easy. So we went to shop and bought him the plastic ones but he didn't get fooled and still wanted the old-mini one :( So learn on my mistakes and don't give babies dangerous tools in the first place make them crochet tools instead.

I love both the pattern and the pictures which are simply beautiful and very creatively made. Follow the link under the photo and Happy Crocheting!

10. Crochet Flower Amish Ball

Something a bit different in the end. I actually first saw it featured on Joanita's blog - here. And Thanks Joanita cause the idea is quite amazing. I don't think I need to tell that every kid love playing with balls and this one is so much more to play with. After I follow the link to the original pattern at lookatwhatimade  I really was amazed by the pattern.  Please make sure to check Amamani - Amigurumi Amish Puzzle Animals. They are all made from three pieces which can be assigned into animal. WOW amazing. I will definitely try the pattern myself I only don't know which one to make flower ball or the octopus- which is also available for free. I know I will make both! :D

Necessarily follow the link below!

Crochet Flower Puzzle Ball 300x300 Crochet Flower Amish Puzzle Ball

This is the end of my list I hope You enjoyed it and will make a lot of creative crochet toys.

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