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Feb 1, 2016

Cowl - winter collection

Krawka: Modern cowl collection by Krawka

Cowl collection I have made this winter for my friends and family.  As You already know I am sewing now from quite some time, my husband bought me my first sewing machine and since then I am torn between sewing, crocheting and my other activities.  I have million ideas per second and I am so proud this one - the cowl project came to life.

Cowls are made from tweed wool or cotton fabric outside and very soft fleece inside. Black border is made from vegan leather. For closing my cowls I used big buttons or snap fasteners.

The cowl is very elegant and modern looking. I am wearing one of them ( the bottom one one the upper picture is mine) and I am very pleased with it. I am wearing it on top of my black coat and it looks super elegant.

After Christmas time I made final three cowls which are now on sale in my shop. If You are interested please visit the below links. If You have any questions please contact me via etsy shop or email:

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