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Oct 2, 2014

Halloween Coaster - Wicked Witch

Halloween Coasters - Wicked Witch pattern

Halloween Coasters - Wicked Witch.
There is no Halloween without witch and from now on without witch coasters. I love green witches they definitely are eye-catching. I decided to make her hair white, but If You would like Your witch to be more colorful make it violet or orange or even blue. Maybe You could do the whole set with different hair colors.


  • white, black, green  yarn ( I use the yarn which gauge is 24.0 to 30.0 sts = 4 inches )
  • a bit of white material for eyes.
  • hook 3 mm

Base and smile Pattern:


Eye - make 2

black yarn

R1: 6 sc in MR, ss in first sc you made to fasten the circle (6) FO

Hat - upper part - make 1

black yarn

R1: 10 ch

R2: ss in 2-nd ch from hook, dec 2, sc, hdc, dc, tr (7) FO

Hat - lower part - make 1

black yarn

R1: 10 ch

R2: 9 sc on one side of chain, 9 sc on other (18) FO

Nose - make 1

green and black yarn

R1: 10 ch (10)

R2: ss, dec 2, hdc, dc 3 (7) FO

Now assign black thread and make ss on the nose edges to create outline.

Hair - left side -make 1 ( left side on the picture witch means hers right side :)

white yarn

R1: 10 ch (10)

R2: ss in 2-nd ch, sc 2, 4 ch, ss in 2-nd chain from hook, sc 2 also in chain, dc 3, 2 ch, ss in 2-nd ch, dc 2 FO

Hair - right side 

As You can see on the lower picture (where all the part are) right hair is made of two elements

Upper one:

R1: 20 ch (20)

R2: ss in 2-nd ch, ss, sc 6, *2dc in 1* X3, sc 6, ss, ss (22)

R3: TURN ss in 2-nd ch, ss, sc 16, ss 2 (20)

R4: TURN ss in 2-nd ch, ss 2, sc 4, inc, sc 2, inc, sc 4, ss 3 (20) FO

Lower one:

R1: 20 ch

R2: ss, sc2, dc 4, 4ch, ss in 2-nd ch, sc 2 also in chain, dc 8, 5 ch, ss in 2-nd ch, sc 3 in chain, dc 2, sc, ss2 FO

Sew upper part first.

You can see all of the parts ( and even more /ears??? ) below:

Start by cutting small dots from white material and sewing them to the eyes. Sew mouth, then eyes, hair: left part than upper right part and lastly lower left part. Hat and nose.

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