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Mar 8, 2016

Easter chicks - coasters FREE pattern

Krawka: Easter chicks - crochet coasters Free pattern.

 Easter chicks - coasters - Free pattern. Great decoration for Your Easter table.

HAPPY EASTER everyone. I hope Your Easter will be filled with joy and warmth and happiness. I wish You well and am sending You so much good energy with this Free pattern for Easter coasters.

They are really fast to make, so don't worry and Let's get to work:


  • yellow, white, black, orange yarn ( I use the yarn which gauge is 24.0 to 30.0 sts = 4 inches )
  • hook 3 mm 
  • black felt sheet
  • hot glue - to glue the ground to the pot. 



Chick coaster base (Make 2 or more :)

start with white yarn

R1: 6 sc in MR (6) 

R2: inc around (12)

R3: * sc, inc * X6 (18)

R4: * sc 2, inc * X6 (24) FO white

change to black yarn

R5: BLO (back loops only) *ss 3, 2ssIn1 * around (30)

I know making 2 ss in 1 loop is not easy. But it's worth it I think, slip stiches in back loops will give as a very thin black line.

FO black yarn

change to yellow yarn

R6: BLO ss 9, 2ssIn1 (33)

R7: BLO ch 3, * 2DCIn1, dc 10 * X3 (36), ss in 3-rd chain You made at the beginning of this row.

R8: ch3, * dc 2, 2DcIn1 * X12 (48), ss in 3-rd chain

 We will make the tail now

 R9: ss, hdc, dc, tr, sc 2 in tr, ss

R10: ss around whole chicken. You can finish at the end of tail.

 FO yellow

 Leg (Make 2 -one for each chicken)

orange yarn

R1: 4 sc in MR

R2: ss, * ch 2, ss in 2-nd ch, ss in circle *X3 FO

 Beak ( Make 2 - one for each chick)

 orange yarn

 R1: 4 ch (4)

 R2: ss in 2-nd ch, hdc, dc (3) FO

 From black felt cut a little black circle

 You can see all the chicken parts here

 Sew the little black circle as pupil.

With white yarn make cute little dots on pupil as light reflections.

 Sew beak

 Sew leg

 Take black yarn and make cute little wing.

 Make eyelashes also with balck yarn

 From felt cut a back of Your coaster.

 Iron Your coasters before gluing. They look look even more polished and neat.

 Glue coasters to felt back.

Ready!  I hope Your family will be amazed by Your Easter table!

Krawka: Easter chicks - crochet coasters Free pattern.

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