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Jan 14, 2016

Pirate booties - new photos

Krawka: Baby booties - Pirates, Free crochet pattern

Today I rolled my house upside down in search of pirate booties. As You may guested I found them in most obvious place that I probably looked like 5 times before :) Anyway I was looking for them to make some more pictures and couldn't stop myself to share one of them with You. I love how they look on these cute chubby Leon's feet. 

Leon is now 7 months old so I need to make a correction the booties fit the babies 0 to probably 8 months. He was extremely interested in them as soon as I put them on his feet and let me tell You it was hard to make the photo and even harder to make a focused one, but we did it. We are so tired now that my son is asleep and I am writing this post :)

Let me remind anyone who is interested in the free pattern for those pirate booties can find them here:

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