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Aug 25, 2015

My little etsy shop

I finally opened my own etsy shop with handmade crochet items. You can visit me here:

For now I am selling a collection of my framed crochet pictures. Every picture is designed, drawn and handmade by me. Each of them is made with great care and attention to details. Every picture is a unique piece, I never make the same design twice, that is probably because I have too many ideas for this series to go back to pictures I have already made :P

Each piece of the picture is crocheted with a 55% cotton and 45% acrylic yarn and 3 mm hook for anyone interested in details of how I made each pictures contact me and we will discuss it more :)

Size of the framed piece is 25x25x5 cm (10x10x2 inches). There is a front glass in the frame. Weight is about one kilo. The frame is ready to hang. And let me tell You they look great hanging on the wall both from far away and from near when You can see all the amazing details and the crochet texture I personally love as You all probably already now.

I am planning to add more items soon so please visit me in the future. I will add more pictures and other items too, maybe some complicated and hard crochet patterns that will not find a place on my blog, and let me tell You I have a few of them... :)

Please wish me luck as I would love to change my blog writing hobby into full time job in witch I will make at least some money... :)

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