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Dec 10, 2014

Mr Snowman Christmas Tree ornament - free pattern

Krawka: Snowman Christmas Tree ornament crochet free pattern

Krawka: Snowman Christmas Tree ornament crochet free pattern

Krawka Crochet Christmas Tree Ornaments: snowman, reindeer, santa, angels

Mr Snowman is the first one of crochet Christmas Tree ornaments I made this year and my favorite one. He is extremely cute in his simple way and definitely pops out on a dark Christmas tree. Finished size of snowman is 11 cm,which is a bit much for my tiny tree but none the less it looks great. If You have a huge real tree You can probably make the whole army of snowman - every one with a different accessory ( hat, scarf etc. ) And we have my next year's project.... :)

As I wrote before my inspiration for this project, except Christmas, was a huge bag of plastic balls for a ball pit. So to fill my sandman head I used the plastic ball which diameter was 5-5,5 cm. I was thinking that the ornaments for Christmas tree have to be extremely light, but now I think it doesn't mater that much. Even if You will fill Your head with something else it will still be lighter than half of my old Christmas balls. 

When I was making the snowman I was also wondering how I will hang it on my tree. I made a little loop on top of the head with the thin wire. I hope the photos I made will make clear how I did it

And last but not least If You will make Your own snowman please send me pictures. I love seeing Your work. I am collecting all Your work for a little gallery I hope I will make. So please don't be shy and send me all Your crochet results :)


  • white, brown, orange, black yarn ( I use the yarn which gauge is 24.0 to 30.0 sts = 4 inches )
  • hook 3 mm
  • plastic ball (mine are 5-5,5 cm diameter) and stuffing for the body. If You don't have ball don't worry just stuff the head with some light stuffing.
  • a bit of thin wire, like 5 cm max, for the loop on top of the head
  • 6 black beads ( 4 mm would be best)
  • a bit of black material for the eyes


Let's start by making head. Head is made from two identical parts sewn together

Half Head - make 2

white yarn

R1: 6 sc in MR (6)

R2: inc around (12)

R3: * sc, inc * X6 (18)

R4: * sc, inc * around (27)

R5: * sc 2, inc * around (36)

R6: * sc 3, inc * around (45)

R7: sc around (45)

R8: sc around (45)

R9: sc around (45)

R10: sc around (45)

R11: sc around (45)

R12: sc around (45) FO

Now on one part of head make loop from the thin wire and clench it tightly on the left side just like You see on the photos.

Here You can see the result, I wan't lie it was my first try and the loop could be a bit larger. I used the green plastic "S" shaped thingies to hang it on a tree. (Do You know what I mean, they are old I don't know if they produce them anymore) They are great cause You don't see them on a tree, but I was also thinking to make chains from green yarn and hang it and make a little bows. You can make it like that if You like.

Two parts of head together on a plastic ball. DO NOT sew it yet. Firstly we will sew eyes and nose and smile. It will be easier this way.

Carrot Nose - make 1

orange yarn

R1: 5 sc in MR (5)

R2: 5 sc (5)

R3: dec, dec sc (3) FO

Sew the nose to the head.

Cut two black circles from the black material.

I sewed the material to the head and then took the black yarn and needle and went through repeatedly with horizontal lines. I don't know if You can see it on the pictures, but all this work paid off, the eyes look refined and very professional.

Now take the beads and make a smile. I used 6 of them but You can use as many as You like. You could probably glue them but I sewed mine.

Body - make 1

white yarn

R1: 6 sc in MR (6)

R2: inc around (12)

R3: * sc, inc * X6 (18)

R4: sc around (18)

R5: * sc, inc * X9 (27)

R6 - R11: sc around (27)

R12: * sc, dec * X9 (18)

R13: sc around (18)

R14: * sc, dec * X6 (12)

stuff the body now

R15: dec around

R16: dec, dec, dec, ss FO

The part where You finished is the place You sew to the head.

Branches for hands - make 2

brown yarn

R1: 8 ch (8)

R2: ss in 2-nd ch, ss, 3 ch , ss in 2-nd ch from marked red chain, ss in next chain marked red, ss 5 FO

Cut two circles from the black material (smaller than the eyes) Sew them to the body as a buttons exactly the same as You did the eyes.

Sew the branches to the body, and than body to the head. You are almost finished and can start to sew two parts of the head together

Krawka: Snowman Christmas Tree ornament crochet free pattern

TADA! Beautiful, cute, little snowman for Your Christmas tree. Hope You liked the pattern and remember to send Your results. Happy snowman making!

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