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Sep 25, 2014

Tasmanian Devil TAZ - baby booties PATTERN

Taz baby booties with pattern from

Tasmanian Devil TAZ - baby booties PATTERN

Finally I found some time to go back to these and wrote down the pattern. I know a lot of You were interested in these particular pair, so I hope the pattern will be used a lot :) 


  • beige, brown, black, white and red yarn ( I use the yarn which gauge is 24.0 to 30.0 sts = 4 inches )
  • black material for eyes and a bit of white for the reflection on the nose ( If You don't have even bits of material don't worry You will as well make it with yarn and thread)
  • hook 3 mm

Bootie pattern:

R1-R13: follow the basic pattern with brown yarn, then change yarn to beige and continue with the pattern from R14.

Other parts Patterns:

brown yarn

R1: 8 ch (8)

R2: starting from 2-nd ch  sc 7 (7)

R3: (second hair) 7 ch (7)

R4: starting from 2-nd ch  sc 6 (6)

R5: (third hair) 5 ch (5)

R6: starting from 2-nd ch  sc 4 (4) FO

When You will sew put the first hair in front making a forelock.

Horns/Side hair - make 2

 brown yarn

R1: 6 ch (6)

R2: starting from 2-nd ch ss, sc, dc 3 (5) FO

Ear base - make 2

brown yarn

R1: 7 sc in MR (7)

R2: inc around (14)

Ear middle - make 2

beige yarn

R1: 10 sc in MR

R2: ss in first sc from MR and FO

Sew the middle of the ear to the base.

Eyes -make 1

white yarn

R1: 16 ch

R2: sc 7, ss, sc 7

R3: TURN  ch 2, dc 5 starting from 2-nd, ss, sc 6, sc

R4: TURN ch 2, dc 5 starting from 2-nd, sc, ss, sc, dc 5, ss in same as last dc FO

Cut two black dots and sew them as pupils.

Brows - make 1

black yarn

R1: 20 ch (20)

R2: dc in 3-rd ch, dc, hdc, sc 5, ss 2, sc 5, hdc, dc 2, ss in first chain from R1 to make more circular ending (18) FO

Mouth - make 1

beige yarn

R1: 6 ch

R2: sc 5 on one side of chain, sc 5 on other side (10)

R3: inc, sc 4, inc, sc 4 (12)

R4: inc, inc, dc, 2 dc in 1, ss, 2 dc in 1, dc, inc, inc, sc 3 (18)

R5: sc 7, ss, sc 6, ss FO

Nose - make 1

black yarn

R1; 6 sc in MR (6)

R2: inc, inc, sc, inc, inc, sc (10)

R3: sc, inc, sc 4, inc, sc 3 (12)

R4: sc around (12) FO

Cut a little tear shape from white material and sew it to the nose as light reflection.

Teeth - make 2

white yarn

R1: 5 ch (5)

R2: starting from 2-nd ch ss, sc, hdc, dc (4) FO

Arms - make 2 

brown yarn

R1: 8 ch (8)

R2:  sc 7 starting from the second chain from the hook (7)

R3:  turn and sc 7 on the other side of the chain from R1,(7) FO

Hands - make 2 

brown yarn

R1: 4 ch (4)

R2: starting from the second ch from the hook make sc 3 (3)

R3: 4 ch (4)

R4: sc 3 (3)

R5: 4 ch (4)

R6: sc 3 (3)

 after this steps you should have 3 fingers

R7: turn and sc 4, ss  (5) FO - I make one sc on top of the first finger from the hook, sc 2 in the second finger, sc and ss in the third one.


red yarn

R1: 5 ch (4)

R2: starting from 2-nd chain sc 4 on one side of chain, sc 4 on other (8)

R3: inc, sc 3, inc, inc, sc 2, ss FO

If You would like to see each part You can see in separeted in the picture below.

Sew hair, eyes ( below the line of changing color on the bootie), brows than horns and ears. I would sew nose to the mouth before sewing mouth to the bootie, than teeth. Remember to make whiskers on both sides of mouth. Sew hands and remember to make nails! Tongue would be the last part, I would sew it especially tightly cause it can help when putting the shoes on a baby feet. And don't forget to make a black line on tongue. DONE! Congratulation Now You have Your own Tasmanian Devil Booties.

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